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It was good, nice little dress-up game, music was hilarious.

Not bad

I thought it was pretty good, Neku
(I'm assuming thats the playable characters name) could do with jumping a little less high, and drawing some backdrops instead of plain white would be nice.

Really good.

It was really well animated, programmed and produced. I loved the RPG elements in it, such as the health bar and mana bar, and the leveling system.

bennywong3011 responds:

thanks i appreciated it

Fun game,

This game was really fun. The animations were good, the scripting seemed to work fine, and I really like the controls, they're very easy to get used to.

Skribble-Style responds:

Glad to hear it! It's good to know the game works fine for some people and that I wasn't just a complete retard with bug checking hahah.

Great game.

I did get quite frustrated at times, because when I needed to jump from a rock to another rock, I couldn't really see where I was landing, so it made it really difficult. But other than that it was great fun, and I shall revisit it later!

Very Good.

Very, very good for a first game. You should do more games like these because they're fun and challenging.

A good effort.

I like the concept of clicking a body part, and that body part subsequently being dismembered. But I think this game lacked depth, I couldn't get much fun out of it because I was finding myself repeating things that I'd been doing literally seconds ago. However, the animation was tolerable, and this could be further developed into something brilliant.

OrangeGuy93 responds:

Hey thanks thats the reason why i love games like this..
maybe youre the only one who understood this--
thanks for voting and watching...

I loved it!

Addictive, very addictive. I enjoyed it, and by the time i'd finished playing, my eyes were bloodshot and sore. Thats what I like to call the symptoms of a good RPG.

hallaby responds:

Thank You, look out for the sequel!


Heres the problem, its going to annoy alot of people that cant click directly on the zombies. You want to figure out a way of programming it so that you can still hit them if the aimer is beyond the enemies. Also, when the player shoots, It would be good to put a muzzle flash or something, because the gunshot sound effect didn't work by itself. Other than that, its a not bad, you just need to work on a few things, and take more time.

Kwing responds:

Thanks for being constructive (unlike some other reviewers)! I think a flash would have been really annoying, since you're just spamming the shots over and over. Although the idea of something like that would be nice. I always considered it that if you clicked in front of the zombie, you shot between their legs, and if you shot beyond them, you missed and shot above their heads or something. Not to mention it would make the Sniper medal way too easy.

Good fun.

It's fun, well programmed. It's a really well built game.

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